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Become part of a supportive and vibrant community of professional quilt, craft, and art teachers.

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Earn the Academy for Virtual Teaching certification badge, proof that you are a qualified and technically proficient online teacher.

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Twice each year we open our keystone offering, a step-by-step guide to creating your own on-demand courses and improving your live virtual teaching skills. Masterclass members are invited to build their first on-demand course on the AVT platform at no further cost.

Virtual  Teaching 101

A permanent course for Academy members, offered to the public twice each year, this mini-workshop is an overview of what you need to get your virtual workshops up and running.

Professional, Proficient, & Profitable Virtual Educators

The Academy for Virtual Teaching is a vibrant and supportive community of professional quilt, craft, and art teachers. Together we are bringing our offerings to a global audience through live virtual and on-demand workshops. We engage in continual professional development to improve our virtual teaching skills so that we can become more Proficient, Profitable, and Professional educators, sharing the joy of making with our students.


  • Open, Ongoing Discussions - Lively conversation about all aspects of virtual teaching in a safe and supportive community.
  • Monthly Live Roundtables - Get together and share successes, work out solutions, and enjoy each other's company via zoom.
  • Learn from the experts - Live guest seminars with experienced virtual teachers. Learn from their experience and ask them anything. 
  • Upcoming - One free class listing per month on the AVT class calendar, get more students to sign up for your classes. 
  • Education - Free access to Virtual Teaching 101, a beginner's guide to what online teaching is all about. 
  • Practice sessions - Schedule a zoom meeting and learn better technology control with the support of your colleagues.
  • Certification Program ($) - Become an AVT certified teacher and increase your credibility and visibility with guilds, local shops, tradeshows, and other teaching opportunities! 
  • Masterclass ($) - Offered twice per year, this intensive course takes you step by step through the process of developing your own on-demand and live-virtual workshops. Planning, equipment reviews and use, video editing, screen presence, administration, organization, marketing, etc.