We build successful, tech-proficient, virtual teachers!

The Academy is a vibrant and supportive membership community of professional quilt, craft, and art teachers. We provide our members with continual professional development support and training to improve teaching skills using virtual technology. Together we work to become more Proficient, Profitable, and Professional educators, sharing the joy of making with our students.

Basic level Academy membership is FREE.



You already have most of the equipment you need! Start with the equipment you already have. You can build your tech skills, offer your courses, then upgrade your tools as you build your business.


Stop trading your time for money! On-Demand courses are scaleable. Reach a limitless global audience. You are no longer limited by your geographic location when you can teach using virtual  technology.


Create passive income with evergreen, on-demand course content that can run on their own. Teach live virtual workshops without spending days to travel and hauling your supplies around.

Why Join the Academy?

Free Membership in our Private Community

  • Monthly Discussion Topics
    Discuss all aspects of your virtual teaching business.
    Access to free mini-courses like Virtual Teaching 101.

  • Monthly Roundtables
    Live zoom meetings to brainstorm solutions with your colleagues.

  • Guest Seminars
    Learn from the experts in these live Zoom interviews + Q&A.

  • Free Mini Course: Virtual Teaching 101
    An introduction to what is involved in becoming a virtual teacher.

Professional Development Membership

  • Discounted Class Listings
    List your workshops on the AVT class calendar (this website).
    Professional Development level members get a $10 credit each month.

  • Accountability Groups
    Meet with peers and help each other achieve your goals.

  • Professional Development Membership
    Ongoing training for online teachers.

  •  Practice Zoom Sessions
    Get better at live virtual workshops by practicing with your peers.

Other Academy Offerings


Begins the week of Feb 26, 2024

Members get a discount on this live, intensive capstone course, designed to take you through every step of setting up an online course and business. Masterclass students may build their first course on the AVT platform.


"The Masterclass has all the information in one place and all the people I've met there have become inspirations, friends, and helpmates. It's really been beyond my expectations.  With the help of the Masterclass I've created an online class using the Academy's platform and now I have a whole new avenue of income."

Becky Campbell
AVT Masterclass

"The Academy of Virtual Teaching Masterclass gave me the tools I needed to turn my blog into a business. By participating in the lessons and applying what I learned, I've been able to put systems in place that are the foundation of my online classes. From the pace of the lessons to the community of supportive people, all of the Masterclass resources are conveniently located in one place. Lyric has done a successful job of pulling together and organizing information, events, and experts to guide her students through the journey of building a business so they can share their love of quilting, sewing, and crafting with others in the online world."

Nikki Hibbits
AVT Masterclass

List Your Workshops

Academy members get discounted listings on our virtual workshop calendar.

Get Certified

Earn the Academy for Virtual Teaching certification badge, proof that you are a qualified and technically proficient online teacher.

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Become part of a supportive and vibrant community of professional quilt, craft, and art teachers.

Basic level Academy membership is now FREE.

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 "I appreciate the thoughtfulness in the amount and wide-range of content in the AVT Masterclass. It's very robust! Pretty much every area and topic for building a virtual teaching business are covered and there is concrete information on what you need and tutorials on how to get it done.

Kena Tangi-Dorsey
Kena Quilt Studios

 •Professional • Proficient • Profitable •
A Community of Virtual Educators

The Academy for Virtual Teaching is a vibrant and supportive paid membership community of professional quilt, craft, and art teachers. Together we are bringing our offerings to a global audience through live and on-demand virtual workshops.

The academy provides its members with continual professional development support and training to improve our virtual teaching skills so that we can become more Proficient, Profitable, and Professional educators, sharing the joy of making with our students.


Twice each year we open our keystone offering, a step-by-step guide to creating your own on-demand courses and improving your live virtual teaching skills. Masterclass members are invited to build their first on-demand course on the AVT platform at no further cost.

A permanent course for Academy members, offered to the public twice each year, this mini-workshop is an overview of what you need to get your virtual workshops up and running. You can view this seminar with a 2 week free trial of Academy Membership.

 "I've learned that my fellow teachers are not my competitors and each one has a space of their own. And that when we lift each other, we all rise together."

Saba Asim
To Thread or Knot

"I love the community. No one was worried about competition. Everyone was all in for helping and supporting each other."

Becky Campbell
Sew Forever Quilting

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1. a place of study or training in a special field.

2. a society or institution of distinguished scholars
and artists or scientists that aims to promote
and maintain standards in its particular field.

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