Our Story

When Covid shut down the world, traveling quilt and craft teachers either climbed on board the virtual technology train or were left behind.

As co-founder of the Global Quilt Connection, a service connecting teachers with the guilds who wanted to hire them, Lyric helped keep the quilting world alive through virtual technology. Teachers were able to continue their careers, sharing their creative joy with students around the world.

She quickly realized there was a great need for further technical training, helping the quilt, craft, and art teachers she loves to grasp and master the technical aspects of online teaching.

And thus, The Academy for Virtual Teaching was born. Together we have built a supportive worldwide community of quilters, crafters, and artists, working to become more proficient, profitable, and professional online educators.

Our Sister Companies

The Academy for Virtual Teaching

Where we provide professional development training for teachers.

A private professional community where creatives connect with and support each other as we develop and build our virtual teaching businesses.

Community Conversations
Professional Development
Video Making Crash Course
Virtual Teaching Masterclass

The Global Quilt Connection

Where we put teachers in front of the people who want to hire them.

Our sister site where we connect quilt teachers with the students and guilds around the world that are seeking virtual workshops and programs.

Teacher Listings
Online Workshop Listings
Virtual Programming for Guilds

(Global CRAFT Connection coming soon!)

Our sister site where we connect craft teachers with people that are seeking virtual workshops and programs.  

Our Team

Lyric Kinard: Dean (head cheerleader!) AVT & GQC

Lyric Montgomery Kinard is a serial entrepreneur and loves nothing more than seeing the people she teaches succeed in their business endeavors.

She is also an award winning artist, author, and educator, with a passion for sparking the creativity that she knows each of her students posses. She has been recognized for her talents as an International Association of Professional Quilters Teacher of the Year and has travelled the world sharing her love of design, composition, and textile art. You can see Lyric’s art at www.LyricKinard.com.

Lisa M.  Barnes:  AVT Management Support Specialist, Global Craft Connection (coming summer 2024)

Lisa M. Barnes is an artist, entrepreneur, and designer and teacher of jewelry, knitting, and crochet. Formerly a performing arts manager and financial client services manager, she also uses those skills to help other creative solopreneurs organize and expand their businesses.

Lisa started out as Lyric's Virtual Assistant in the Academy, but is now so much more. Due to an appropriate typo she is now nicknamed Lyric's "Vital" Assistant and handles much of the customer service, writing, and day to day administration of the Academy.

Susan Couch, Global Quilt Connection, AVT Certification Adjudicator, Global Craft Connection

Susan Couch is an avid quilter, newish knitter, and serves on the board of her local needle arts guild to run hybrid meetings. She is happy to bring those skills to the Global Quilt Connection since 2023.  Her mission is to make sure guild representatives have the available resources to find and host the best virtual teachers for their guilds.

Susan began crafting and sewing at an early age, but was encouraged to pursue a career in engineering and business.  She eventually left that profession and after hand making costumes for a French Quarter walking parade with her dog, she purchased a preloved sewing machine.  Soon after that she was teaching people how to use their sewing machines at a local shop, where she discovered that art and quilting are her sewing passions. She exhibits her work locally and participates in SAQA benefit auctions.  She enjoys working with Lyric because Lyric is a fearless entrepeneur who creates community while helping people do what they love.

Anisa Duci:  Social Media Manager, AVT & GQC

Anisa has been a certified social media manager for seven years,  doing freelance work for several international companies. We were very lucky to find her. She is the perfect person to pay attention to detail and research what our business needs. She works for both the AVT and the Global Quilt Connection, creating and managing our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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