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Virtual Teaching Masterclass

A comprehensive guide to building your virtual teaching business
Overcome your fear of technology!
Reach a global audience!
Create a profitable, sustainable online business
teaching what you love!

2024 Masterclass: Feb 26 - May 10

The Academy is committed to accessibility and social justice.
Scroll down for financial privilege pricing information and scholarships.


"The Masterclass has all the information in one place and all the people I've met there have become inspirations, friends, and helpmates. It's really been beyond my expectations.  With the help of the Masterclass I've created an online class using the Academy's platform and now I have a whole new avenue of income."

Becky Campbell
AVT Masterclass

"The Academy of Virtual Teaching Masterclass gave me the tools I needed to turn my blog into a business. By participating in the lessons and applying what I learned, I've been able to put systems in place that are the foundation of my online classes. From the pace of the lessons to the community of supportive people, all of the Masterclass resources are conveniently located in one place. Lyric has done a successful job of pulling together and organizing information, events, and experts to guide her students through the journey of building a business so they can share their love of quilting, sewing, and crafting with others in the online world."

Nikki Hibbits
AVT Masterclass



You already have most of the equipment you need! Start with what you already have and what you already do. You can build your skills and offer your course, then upgrade your tools as you build your skills.


Stop trading your time for money! Reach a limitless global audience. You are no longer limited by your geographic location when you can teach via technology.


Create passive income with evergreen, on-demand course content that can run on their own. Teach live virtual workshops without wasting time on travel and hauling your supplies around.

Makers Gotta Make, Teachers Gotta Teach!

Calling all Creatives!

Artists, Crafters, Quilters, Retailers, Makers, Designers

  • A truly comprehensive course helping creative makers build an online teaching business
  • Hundreds of specific, practical, step-by-step tutorials
  • Weekly live coaching sessions
  • Learn what equipment and software you need AND how to use it
  • Learn about marketing, contracts, administration, and organization
  • Practice using Zoom for live courses with your colleagues
  • Build your first course on the Academy's platform- no need to pay for a platform until after you are earning income
  • Long term access: course material is always available and you can join any future live course at no further cost

 "I appreciate the thoughtfulness in the amount and wide-range of content that was created. It's very robust! Pretty much every area of the business is covered! There is concrete information on exactly what you need and tutorials on how to get it done.

Kena Tangi-Dorsey
AVT Masterclass 

"In the Masterclass you get what you pay for and then three times, no TEN times that! I love that we have lifetime access to the course. I can go through the tutorials and recordings and find just that one thing I needed whenever I'm ready for it, plus I have the opportunity to come back and take the live class again as a refresher."

Susan Treleor
AVT Masterclass

"I was actually quite far along in my virtual teaching when I joined the Academy although there were definitely still gaps in my knowledge that needed improvement.  This Masterclass is kind of like a firehose of information. There is so much in what you are offering that I'm still finding ways to improve.
Virtual teaching also has a greener footprint. I'm not packing up and flying somewhere for every job."

Julia Mcleod
AVT Masterclass 

Masterclass enrollment includes LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in The Academy for Virtual Teaching 
(lifetime, meaning while the Academy lives, Lyric doesn't plan to live forever.)

Ongoing Academy Benefits

  • Engage in ongoing community activities and discussions
  • List your live or on-demand workshops on our calendar
  • Attend check-in coaching sessions
  • Attend ongoing Guest Seminars and Open Roundtable discussions
  • Refer back to Masterclass recordings and tutorials any time you need to
  • Attend any future Masterclass at no extra cost

 "The Masterclass resources evolve to reflect new software programs and tools that may be easier for us newbies to use successfully. All those PDF's and video links in the tutorial section don't just show up by themselves, so thank you Lyric, for your commitment and dedication to the ongoing success of the Academy!" 

Kathy Steere
AVT Masterclass 

"I absolutely would recommend the Masterclass because I've gained so much from it. I don't have any problems with learning on my own, but to have everything I need all wrapped up in one package is just invaluable.  What has been most valuable to me throughout this experience is the wealth of information on equipment. Lyric encourages students to start with what they have and branch out from there so we slowly build as we go."

April Sproule
AVT Masterclass 

The Masterclass starts
the week of February 26, 2024

Overcome your fear of technology, reach a global audience, create a profitable, sustainable online business doing what you love!

Lessons & Practical Tutorials Include:

Weekly Schedule
Sundays by 10 pm: Work Session Videos & Lesson Workbooks will be posted
Mondays at 8am: Tutorials open
Thursdays at 10am, 3pm, 8:30pm Eastern (subject to change, please keep your notifications on!): Live Q&A session via Zoom
Friday Afternoons: Seminar recordings posted

All lessons, tutorials, and Q&A sessions are recorded and available within a day of going live.

Planning Content, Delivery

  • Zoom accounts Facebook groups and courses 
  • Eventbrite 
  • Online class platform comparisons 
  • Website checklist for teachers 
  • Taking great photos for advertising 
  • Beginning filming

Equipment and Space Needs

  • Backgrounds and set dressing
  •  Tablets, laptops, and computers for live Zoom workshops
  •  Lighting equipment 
  • Recording devices
  •  Camera holders and mounts 
  • Sound equipment 
  • Useful apps and software

Live Zoom Training and Practice Sessions

  • Account settings for live workshops 
  • Scheduling a meeting 
  • Video sharing with a second camera 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Workshop checklist 
  • Live practice sessions

Camera Confidence and Filming

  • Lighting set-up 
  • Sound tests 
  • Camera setup 
  • Minimum vs Maximum equipment comparisons 
  • Screen capture 
  • Appearance and Screen confidence 
  • Filming head-to-camera promotions 
  • Video advertisement content checklist 
  • Video production checklist

Video Editing

  • Editing on a smartphone or tablet 
  • Editing using iMovie 
  • Editing using Davinci Resolve 
  • Using Canva to create video titles and thumbnails 
  • Using music in videos 
  • Using Handbrake to compress videos


  • Authenticity in marketing 
  • Social media, newsletters 
  • Newsletter provider comparison 
  • The value of promoting each other 
  • Creating promotional videos 
  • Mailchimp tutorials 
  • NewZenler Website building
  • GoDaddy Website building


  • Work/Life balance 
  • Creating a business plan
  •  Organizing your computer files 
  • Teaching engagement spreadsheet 
  • Timeline for communicating with guilds 
  • Guild communication email templates 
  • Virtual and on-demand student engagement

Administration, Organization, Workflows

  • Organizing your files
  • Creating system workflows to save time
  • Introduction to the AVT Certification Program 
  • Scheduling your first live workshop 
  • Build your first on-demand course in the Academy's public facing platform

Financial Privilege Sliding Scale: self selected on checkout

The opportunity to choose among several price options is an experiment in equitable pricing. 

Please carefully read the following and choose whichever payment plan if you feel you qualify for.
No questions asked. Your payment plans are private and anonymous.
Please be mindful that if you purchase the lower end of the scale when you can truthfully afford the higher cost, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility.  Please only choose the equity pricing if you are ready NOW to apply what you learn in your business.

Standard Cost $1200 or
$1260 4 Payment Plan

This is the actual value of this course. Please pay standard price if you:

  • are comfortably able to meet all of your basic needs 
  • may have debt, but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs such as food and shelter
  • own a home or property or rent a comfortable and safe property 
  • own or lease a car 
  • are employed 
  • are able to miss work either for sickness or leisure, and are still able to pay next month’s bills 
  • have access to health care 
  • have access to financial savings and can afford annual vacations or taking time off

Reduced Cost $800
(all seats claimed)

Consider investing less if you meet some of these conditions:

  • the exchange rate for your currency puts full price out of reach
  • are descended from enslaved people or Native/Indigenous Americans
  • are a sole provider for your family and an hourly wage earner
  • have legal, college, or medical debt that sometimes prohibits attainment of basic needs such as food and shelter
  • have limited access to transportation 
  • have limited expendable income - you can go to a movie or get a fancy coffee sometimes but still stress about it
  • are able to buy some new items and must thrift others

Equity Pricing $200
(all seats claimed)

This option is available to you if you meet several of these conditions:

  • are descended from enslaved people or Native/Indigenous Americans
  • rent unsafe properties or have unstable housing 
  • have debt that often prohibits you from meeting your basic needs such as food and shelter
  • have medical expenses not covered by insurance 
  • are eligible for public assistance 
  • have immigration-related expenses 
  • are an elder with very limited financial support 
  • are an unpaid community organizer 
  • are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history 

We're confident that those who join us are committed to being part of a community that is diverse, committed to economic justice, and ready to explore new models for supporting each other.

Being honest when engaging with sliding scale practices grows strong and sustainable communities. It also respects the work of the teachers and creators who are working hard to bring you valuable content.

Additionally, when I am paid fairly, I am able to invest more time and resources to free and lower-cost offerings.

If you would like to contribute to the Masterclass Scholarship Fund

We welcome donations.
Send a PayPal donation to
and mark "AVT Masterclass Donation" in the notes.
We are not a non-profit so the donation is not tax deductible but 100% of your funds will go towards providing scholarships to the Masterclass.


Please contact us at if you cannot find an answer to your question here.

The  next live run of the AVT Masterclass will be from Feb 26 - May 10, 2024. There are seven lesson, with several break weeks for students to have time to implement what they've learned.

The Masterclass has such a depth of information that beginners will learn everything they need to know.  Experienced teachers will most certainly learn much to improve their virtual teaching business.

If you are not already a member, lifetime Academy membership is included in your registration fee. If you are already a member of the Academy, the masterclass is available from inside the membership platform at a reduced rate. (Lifetime = the lifetime of the Academy.)

All live sessions will be recorded and available for Masterclass members at any time in the future. All tutorials will also be available.

Much less than a master's degree or most certification programs.  The $1,200 cost can be recuperated with your first three live teaching gigs! Scholarships, social justice pricing, and payment plans are also available. If you are truly ready to fully participate in this course, we want you to have access to it.

Live coaching sessions end when the lessons close, but you will continue to have full access to the recordings, tutorials, and the active community events at the Academy for the lifetime of the organization. Masterclass students are invited to join any future live sessions without further cost.

Yes of course! We welcome your participation in any future Masterclass without any further payments.

Our goal is to help you launch your first course with the minimum amount of expenditures. To that end, we provide all masterclass members the opportunity to build their first course at no extra cost on the Academy's shared course platform. You will need a minimum of a computer and a smartphone with a good camera, plus a piece of equipment to hold it if you want to offer live Zoom classes. If you want to create on-demand courses the minimum equipment needed is a smart phone and a holder for it. You can begin bringing in income with your first class, and invest in more equipment as you build your income.

Lyric Kinard

Artist, Author, Educator

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