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The Academy is a vibrant and supportive membership community of professional quilt, craft, and art teachers. We provide our members with continual professional development support and training to improve teaching skills using virtual technology. Together we work to become more Proficient, Profitable, and Professional educators, sharing the joy of making with our students.

TRADEMARK for MAKERS Working Groups

Work through this step-by-step guide with mentors as you get ready to protect your business and register your trademark. We are privileged to have Tulane Law Professor Elizabeth Townsend Gard as a guide through this process.

Overcome your fear of technology!
Reach a global audience!
Create a profitable, sustainable online business
doing what you love!

AVT offers calendar listings of virtual classes for quilters and crafters from some of the finest instructors around.

Makers Gotta Make!
Check out our virtual workshops for creative students!

Virtual Teaching Masterclass
Everything you need to know to build a business teaching online!

Live masterclass begins February 26, 2024

Certified Teachers

Hire a Trusted Professional for your Virtual Programming

Carole Lyles Shaw

Deborah Boschert

Lisa Walton

Brandy Maslowski

Our certified teachers are proven
technically proficient
offering live virtual classes.

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fit into your business?

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