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We build successful, tech-proficient, virtual teachers!

The Academy is a community of professional quilters, crafters, and artists.
We share our passion with students via virtual technology.

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A supportive community of colleagues where it's safe to ask any question and there is no competition.
Business articles
Live roundtables
Guest Seminars
Equipment Reviews

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Monthly business courses and an entire library of resources for creative makers who teach online.
Workshops in:
Graphic design
So much more!

monthly workshops
video making crash course

A week long course in the basics of making great instructional videos, great for marketing and for teaching.
Step by step tutorials
Equipment lists
How to film
How to edit
Live coaching

virtual teaching masterclass

A start to finish course teaching your everything you need to add online education to your business model
Curriculum planning
Everything in the crash course
Administration and organization, contracts
Weekly coaching

Sep 9 - Nov 15, 2024

Available on-demand!
LIVE coaching every month!

No time? No idea what equipment or software to use?

Learn to make video
With as littles fuss as possible!

Shops - up your social media game!
Brand ambassadors - show off your products!
Creators - make fantastic tutorials!

  • Focused Lessons
  • Step-by-step Tutorials
  • Monthly Live Coaching
  • Specific Equipment Lists
  • Long-term access to all Tutorials and recordings of live sessions

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Learn how we can help you build a sustainable and profitable business, sharing what you love to make through video! Social media, Youtube tutorials, On-Demand or Live-Zoom workshops - all require proficiency with video technology.  We can teach you the tech!