Improvisational Log Cabin Triangle Kaleidoscope Quilts

A Modern Stitch-and-Flip Adventure!

Course Summary

An enthralling way to spend a day! Learn a fun approach to improv stitch-and-flip triangles on scrap paper. Sew the triangles into sparkly 14" wide “kaleidoscopes" that can become wall-hangings, table mats, pillows, or the start of a spectacular larger quilt. They make unforgettable, unique gifts. This is NOT English Paper Piecing or foundation paper piecing - it's way more relaxing!  

The videos show every step, start to finish; they're short, fun and funny. The workshop fee also includes a downloadable copy of my 54-page PDF book, "Improv Log Cabin Triangle Kaleidoscope Quilts," (which, sold separately, costs  $19.95).

 And please email me with any questions!

Course Curriculum

Cathy Perlmutter

Cathy Perlmutter had a career in consumer and health journalism. A chance visit to a quilt show, in 1991, left her thunderstruck. Since then, her quilts have won awards in national shows; her work has been featured in national quilting magazines, including Quiltmaker, Curated Quilts, Uppercase, Quilters Newsletter Magazine, and many more. She was the featured guest for a 2024 segment of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. Find her patterns and books at Her website is at, and you can sign up for her newsletter at https://cathyperlmutter.us12.l....

Cathy’s tutorials are easy to follow. Her instructions are clear and precise. Having a visual of her putting the triangles together is a plus. I’ve been quilting for over 30 years and this shows you can still learn the basics. 

Donna B.

This is really cool! I'm just stretching my design perspective into the improv world. I love all the flexibility with this kaleidoscope technique! I got excited as I started watching, and thinking about the possibilities.  The videos are very clear. You explain the technique well. I understood it right away, and appreciated you pointing out the finer points (pun intended) of what to look for. I like that you gave two options with pressing the long edge, and the lazy, I-don't-want-to-get-up-right-now option, which I'm sure will be me. :) Really nice to see a relatively complicated idea, broken down into such easy steps. Great job! 

Crissi W.

Course Pricing

One-Time Plan

$60 USD

  • 30+ videos, comparable to an all-day retreat.

    • 30+ step-by-step videos
    • A copy of my 54-page PDF book, a $19.95 value
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