November Monthly Theme: Why Trademark?

Creativity knows no bounds, and for many creative artists, turning their passion into a business venture is a dream come true.

Creative entrepreneurs understand the importance of protecting our unique brand. This month we will explore why creative artists might want to apply for a trademark.

“Registering a trademark is one of the key anchors of a business venture, just like opening a bank account. It protects the naming of the business, services, or goods that a business sells.” - Elizabeth Townsend Gard, Just Wanna Trademark for Makers: A Creative’s Legal Guide to Getting & Using Your Trademark.

While the advantages of trademark registration for creative artists are compelling, the process can be challenging. Trademark law can be intricate, and the application process involves several legal and administrative steps. The process can take several months or even years to complete, depending on factors like the complexity of your application and potential challenges from third parties. Trademark registration does come with costs, including application fees and potential attorney fees. These expenses can vary depending on your location and the specifics of your trademark application.

This month in the Academy, we will have a workshop on “Trademark Registration for Makers” led by Elizabeth Townsend Gard, author of “Just Wanna Trademark for Makers: A Creative's Legal Guide to Getting & Using Your Trademark.” This 3-hour workshop will be hands-on, and is available to Pro Members. You can sign up here: Nov 15, 7-10pm EST TRADEMARK WORKSHOP | Pro Membership Workshops & Archives (

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