Member Spotlight: Stephanie McIntyre

Introducing Stephanie McIntyre, from Jersey Village, Texas.

"The wealth of information available as an AVT member is amazing. Lyric has amassed an incredible number of how-tos, guides and tutorials that cover all facets of running a successful virtual teaching business. I have grown since joining AVT in many ways. I have joined an accountability group that helps to keep me moving forward and the trainings and guest seminars are always full of information that I need to keep my business moving forward."

What do you teach?

I teach people who sew how to use recycled leather in their sewing projects through my courses, patterns, and sewing kits. I teach in-person and I am just starting to teach virtually. My goal is to help people who take my classes express themselves creatively while supporting the environment through sustainable sewing practices, particularly in the use of recycled leather.

Why do you teach?

I was a high school computer science teacher for many years, so teaching is in my blood. Since reconnecting with creative sewing, I have been really saddened by the amount of waste that sewing with new fabric and materials can create. I am committed to using recycled leather and fabrics in my sewing projects and I feel that teaching others to do so is my small way of helping our planet.

What else do you love?

I love to garden and recently became a Master Gardener in Harris County Texas, where I live. But don't let the title Master Gardener fool you- as we say, being a Master gardener just means I've probably killed more plants than you have!

You can see more about Stephanie on her website at, Facebook @3rdLifeLeather and Instagram @3rdLifeLeather.

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