Member Spotlight: Jennifer Houlden

Introducing Jennifer Houlden from Kilworthy, Ontaria, Canada.

"In the Academy, the sense of community, the amazing people in the community, my accountability group as well as the positive feedback and encouragement from everyone has been extremely valuable to move me forward in getting things done. I have definitely grown in the past year and realize that it doesn't have to perfect as I can always go back and revise down the road."

What do you teach?

I am a textile artist, speaker, teacher, pattern designer and quilter. I teach Bargello, fusible web appliqué, fabric collage, couching, thread play, creative background, border and binding options, as well as quilting ideas and techniques including my favourite - free motion zigzag. I focus a lot on colour and value in my classes to create eye pleasing fabric runs, texture and dimension in the piece. Some of my workshops are: Mini Bargello Sunflower, Icons on the Landscape, Improv Design, Wild & Spectacular Flowers and Colour Magic.

Why do you teach?

I teach because I love to share my passion of quilting, fabric, thread, techniques and colour with other quilters. I am thrilled when a student reaches that "ah-ha" moment with a new technique or just with quilting in general. It's extremely rewarding when I can get a student to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. I also find that when I do teach, I inevitably gain inspiration from my students and the ideas that they have. There is always something to learn whether you are the student or the teacher.

What else do you love?

I am very lucky that I live on a lake as I love to paddle - my Zen time. I can spend hours floating around the lake enjoying the scenery and sounds of nature - a great place to think and contemplate my next design, pattern or idea and take many photographs. I am also an avid reader - I so enjoy the magical experience of being transported to another place and finding new friends. I have been known to do nothing else until the book is finished - not always an ideal situation when there is a deadline looming or work to be done but... it is a way for me to rejuvenate.

You can see more about Jennifer on her website here, on Instagram here, and on Facebook here.

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