Member Spotlight: Beth Ann Williams

Introducing Beth Ann Williams, a quilter, author, designer, and teacher.

"The opportunity to teach online has been a lifeline for me; but I have also found that learning to structure your own business, build your own website, become your own videographer/editor, and market your classes by yourself can be very daunting. Having a wonderfully
supportive community of peers would be a blessing all by itself. Adding professional classes and work sessions to that has been amazingly helpful."

What do you teach?

I've been teaching for 25+ years, offering a wide variety of classes for quilters and fledgling fiber artists. I specialize in accessible techniques for piecing, "invisible" machine appliqué (including Celtic-style appliqué), and creative machine quilting; as well as color confidence and fun surface design techniques.

Why do you teach?

To share the joy! There are few things more gratifying than watching that lightbulb moment when a student realizes that yes, they CAN be creative - whether their goal is to wrap a loved one in a bed quilt made just for them or creating art that may hang in a show or a gallery. The opportunity to nurture those sparks and watch them grow over time makes teaching feel like a calling as well as a way to make a living. And of course, the inspiration and learning go both ways!

What else do you love?

I love to listen to recorded books! I'll often have several different books going at a time, both fiction and non-fiction.

You can see more about Beth Ann on her website here, on Instagram here, and on Facebook here.

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