June Monthly Theme: Expand Your Reach Through Collaboration

Expand your reach by exploring creative ways to partner with fellow makers/teachers, influencers, shops, and manufacturers.

This month let’s explore creative ways to partner with fellow makers/teachers, influencers, shops, and manufacturers. Collaboration can expand our reach and be a win for everyone involved as we grow our audiences.

Collaborative Content

What do you think about blog swaps, co-hosting podcasts or YouTube series, or creating tutorial videos together? Cross-promoting each other’s audiences attracts new followers and strengthens your online presence for both of you.

Partner with Other Teachers

Team up for joint workshops or course bundles. Your students get a richer learning experience, and you both tap into each other’s audiences.

Collaborate with Makers and Artisans

Partner with makers of complementary products. Knitting teachers, team up with local yarn dyers. Pottery instructors, collaborate with tool makers. These partnerships make your classes more appealing and support other small businesses.

Team Up with Shops

Host pop-up classes in physical stores or get featured in online shops’ newsletters and social media. Offer exclusive discounts or create in-store events where you demonstrate your craft. These interactions can lead to long-term partnerships and a steady flow of new students.

Collaborate with Manufacturers of Crafting Tools

Manufacturers seek real-life applications and endorsements. Propose featuring their tools in your classes and tutorials. They might provide free or discounted tools, sponsor classes, or promote your business. Co-create exclusive tools for your classes to add appeal and exclusivity for students.

Become a Brand Ambassador

This can be a fantastic way to grow your business and build your reputation. You promote the company’s products through your classes, social media, and other channels. This relationship can offer you free or discounted products, additional income, and increased exposure.

Remember, collaboration is about building relationships and supporting each other so BOTH parties benefit. Reach out, make connections, and watch both of your businesses flourish.

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