Equipment Review: Ulanzi Flexible Desk Mount

The Ulanzi Flexible Desk Mount is a sturdy, multi-functional device holder that might be perfect for you if you have a pretty specific need.

If you film head-to-camera with a shotgun microphone this is going to be perfect. If you need to show a tabletop overhead view, this mount will need a few extra accessories to make it work.

First of all, this mount is heavy, so it's VERY sturdy and will hold devices that have some weight. It has three arms that adjust up and down on a vertical pole that clamps to a tabletop (up to 50mm, almost 2 inches). Each of the three arms has a different type of attachment: 1/4" swivel ball mount, spigot with 1/4" mount, hole for spring swing arm with microphone attachment. Two of the arms are comprised of multiple bars that can swivel, and one arm is spring-loaded for adjusting to more angles. The arms can extend pretty far horizontally over your workspace and swing easily out of your way when not in use.

If you need a lot of different devices on one holder, this desk mount is great. But if you need more adjustability, either for different types of device mounts or to adjust your devices at an angle, you'll need to buy additional attachments or other equipment.

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Ulanzi Flexible Desk Mount ($110 USD on Amazon in 2023)

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