Equipment Review: Ecomxia Wireless Mic Review

A lapel mic is necessary when you can't be close to your recording device or need to move around a lot.

Not everyone needs a mic. Often if you are teaching via Zoom you are close enough to your webcam microphone that it isn't necessary. If you are filming near your phone the same holds true.

If, however, you need to be further from your recording device or need to move around a lot so that you aren't always facing your built-in microphones, a lapel mic will be necessary. And let's face it, an external mic will almost always give you a better sound. This simple set is inexpensive enough that it's worth trying out.

With plug & play wireless mics you do need to be careful to purchase equipment compatible with your device. There are links below for both iPhone and Android Bluetooth mics.


This Ecomxia Clip-On wireless microphone is inexpensive and easy to use. Just charge it before use then plug it into your phone, watch the blue lights flicker, and you are ready to go.

It's also fantastic to have more than one mic if you want to bring a second person into your shot. You could also leave one mic charging in the case while you film then swap them out when the charge runs out on the first mic.

For iPhone:
$40 USD on Amazon

Comparable device For Android/ USB C connector
$30 USD

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