December Monthly Theme: Tracking KPIs

Tracking KPIs (Not “Knitting Projects In-progress,” but “Key Performance Indicators!”)

As an online educator and businessperson in the art and craft industry, tracking the right data and metrics is crucial for evaluating the success of your business. Here are key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics you should consider monitoring:

1. Revenue and Profit Margins: Track your overall income from course sales, workshops, and any other revenue streams (total revenue). Then calculate the profitability of your courses by comparing revenue to expenses.

2. Customer Acquisition and Retention: It’s useful to track the number of new students as well as the retention rate. Use retention data to identify factors that contribute to long-term relationships. Implement strategies to enhance loyalty, such as offering exclusive content or special promotions. Consider expanding your course offerings, exploring new markets, or forming strategic partnerships to reach a wider audience.

3. Course Performance: Keep track of how many students are enrolling in your courses, as well as the percentage who finish your courses. Pay attention to reviews and feedback to gauge the quality of your courses. Use this data to look for patterns and trends: identify the most successful courses or products, as well as any trends, such as popularity of content delivery (on-demand, live, membership platforms, etc.) or hot techniques and projects. Reviews can help you identify areas where your business excels and areas for improvement. Use feedback to enhance course content, improve customer support, and address any issues that may arise.

4. Website and Social Media Analytics: 

5. Marketing Effectiveness: 

6. Technology and Platform Metrics: 

7. Market Trends and Industry Analysis: 

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